Research Details

  • Proejct Name : ICSAP
  • Category : Farming
  • Proejct Year : April, 2021
  • Location : Adraa Parish

About the Project.

The Inter Congregational Sustainable Agriculture Program (ICSAP) is implemented with 40 (20F, 20M) small holder households in 4 parishes and 4 villages (Ayuu village in Adraa parish, Aguru village in Ocebu parish, Patru village in Oribu parish and Pajia/Pacen village in Elibu parish) of Offaka Sub-County funded by Misean Cara. The overall objective is to develop sustainable livelihoods for dignified living in harmony with environment and God. The specific objectives are; Promote food, nutrition and income security. Promoted healthy homesteads Protect the environment and promote environmentally friendly activities protection through promotion of tree planting and construction and use of energy saving stoves. Food, nutrition and income security is promoted through trainings and establishment of kitchen gardens and support to households in horticulture, poultry, piggery, goat keeping, beans and simsim production. Promotion of healthy homesteads Protection of the environment and promotion of environmentally friendly activities are done through promotion of tree planting and the construction and use of energy saving technologies.


This is a three-year project in its first year of implementation. Operates in 1 village of Ayibu/Osabu in Adraa Parish. The objective is to build the capacity and capability of vulnerable households in Ayibu/Osabu village to produce green vegetables through kitchen gardening, produce field crops, keep small animals and practice agroforestry as part of kitchen gardening to enhance food, nutrition and income security. It will support 120 direct beneficiaries and 360 indirect beneficiaries through a trickle down process.

Project Progress 2021

One VDC established and trained in leadership and group dynamics skills. 40 participating households were selected for support under the project, trained in kitchen gardening, field crop production, small animal rearing and agroforestry.
A Memoruntum of Understanding (MoU) was developed and signed with the 40 households.
1 VDC demonstration site established for the production of vegetables and field crop production. Soil and water conservation management practices were also demonstrated.
Procurement and distribution of 40 sackets each of 25g onion, eggplant, tomato, kale and green pepper seeds, 620kg of unshelled ground nuts seeds, 15kg of maize seeds, 60kg of soy bean seeds, 90 chicks, 68 piglets and 40 (6 growers, 34 sow and weaner mash) bags of 70kg animal feeds to the participating farmers to practice knowledge and skills acquired in trainings and demonstration cites at their homes.
The vegetables and field crops in the demonstration site have been harvested while at the individual households, they are growing.
Other related activities included follow-up of 2019 beneficiaries, distance monitoring, self-assessment, documenting and sharing stakeholders’ testimonies and conducting Project effectiveness meetings with three different participant categories.

Case study

Despite several challenges, some farmers have achieved the immediate results of the project of having increased foodstuff, improved nutrition and earning some income now and anticipating to earn more in the future. Mrs Ondoru Paska is one such farmer.

Mrs Ondoru Paska of Ayibu/Osabu village Adraa Parish has established a good kitchen garden of all the five vegetables. She maintains the vegetable garden very well and has started eating and selling the kales. She also expects good harvests from other vegetables. She received two piglets which she houses in a sty she built for them. She feeds them on both local feeds and what she received from AAC. Her piglets are growing very well and have developed intimacy with her while inside and outside their sty. She expects to rear them to produce and sell piglets.